Cloud Applications

Cloud applications are our forte. We’ve built over fifty cloud applications covering several functional domains such as CRM, Invoicing, Supply Chain, Hotel Management, Property Management, Student Management, etc. We can quickly conceptualize what you are looking for and recommend appropriate technologies to get your cloud vision off the ground.

Intelligent Frontends

We are experts in Angular JS, Node JS, Backbone JS and several other javascript frameworks. Over the years, we’ve developed strong expertise in these frameworks and hence know what features to use under each circumstance. We’ll leverage the most appropriate frameworks based on your application needs. We also have knowledgeable teams that specialize in HTML5, CSS3, PHP and other scripting languages.

NoSQL Backends

We have a top team of engineers who know MySQL and Postgres really well. But for the most part new applications are built using NoSQL backends like MongoDB and Elasticsearch that offer extremely great flexibility to scale as you grow. We will understand your application market focus and help you choose the right backend to ensure all your data management needs are met.

Google App Engine & G Suite

We have special expertise in Google App Engine based projects. We’ve built several client applications from the google BigTable days and have evolved our expertise over the years. We can implement your data model in a flexible way using the Google App Engine and leverage several special purpose APIs like Maps, Vision, etc to build the applications you need.

G Suite, Office 365 and other productivity apps

We also have a dedicated team of engineers that can build applications that leverage the two most popular cloud office products in the world — G Suite and Office 365. We can implement SSO, get contacts in and out, integrate with emails, tasks, calendars and docs. We can also integrate with popular applications like Dropbox, Box, etc.

Oracle, Salesforce and other business apps

We know Oracle Applications really well. We can integrate your application business flows with Oracle as needed. We also understand the platform and implement either your complete product vision or a portion of that using the platform. We can also integrate with other popular services like Netsuite, Apptivo and many others.

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