Multiplatform Apps

We have an amazing team of engineers that build native user experiences on iOS, Android and Windows. We understand the intricacies of each platform and know how to work around them to ensure your apps provide a near consistent user experience across devices and at the same time take advantage of the advantages of each OS.

Business Apps

We’ve built great business applications that drive user adoption and growth. Our business apps integrate with the native apps of each platform such as the phone, calendar, tasks, maps, camera and many others. We’ve worked with our customers to enable several mobile only capabilities into their apps to increase stickiness.


Consumer Apps

We’ve worked with several of our customers to create consumer focused apps that allows them to purchase products and services and use them through the app. We’ve also leveraged features like the audio channel to detect signals that originate from an add-on device like a Wind speed reader and provide consumer oriented applications based off of that.

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